Friday, June 6, 2014

Better vote YES together

Barack Obama endorsed a better together campaign yesterday for Scotland. Not that Scottish affairs have anything to do with the US, or do they? Well yes they do. Scotland is home to Trident nuclear weapons at Faslane, as far away from London as possible. US naval ships long used Holy Loch for their nuclear submarines and would not doubt like to know those facilities were still available in times of conflict.

Here is an idea for bringing the YES campaign to the forefront using adverse publicity created by the BetterTogether campaign, a London-funded attempt to scupper independence.

I believe in unity, I also believe anybody should be able to travel freely and live anywhere in the world they choose, like the grey necked phalarope which nests in Scotland and winters in Chile. So why do I support the Yes vote? Scotland is more progressive than England. In Scotland education, particularly higher education is still free, and of a high standard. England is fast becoming a tool of US economic as well as military policy and all the sacred institutions like the NHS, rail, and public utilities have been stolen from the people to make a few people exceedingly rich. Scotland gave us Keir Hardie, Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird and a whole host of other pioneers. But the important thing today is with the success of a progressive government it gives the rest of these sceptred isles something to look up to, an exemplar of how elected representatives of government can work for those who elected them, instead, like in Westminster, for themselves.

Good luck Scotland! We can all benefit from your initiatives.