Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking back on a bad, bad year

My Gossip blog was started in January this year. A dream I cherish is to get back to poetry and creative writing, but there is a battle raging which I am compelled to join against a privileged elite who own the media and propagate the earth with distorted news stories. These news stories are presented in such a way as to seduce an unwitting public into believing they are true. Until everyone is aware of this I cannot return to the writing I most enjoy. Good people who tell the truth, like Mordechai Vanunu, Bradley Manning, Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad, Don Siegelman and Julian Assange have had their freedom taken from them by governments whose aim is to create wars in countries with mineral wealth in order to steal those resources. Apart from only a brief mention of Don Siegelman this blog has gone into bat on behalf of the aforementioned prisoners of conscience and next year will be taking up the case of former Senator Siegelman.

Julian Assange has had the most coverage because his case provides the most glaring example of the sinister media, and those who control it, at work. Nearly everybody who watches television or listens to radio is under the impression that Assange has committed a crime in Sweden. It is a lie. There are people who have committed crimes against Sweden, like those who assassinated Dag Hammarskjöld, those who assassinated Bernt Carlsson and those who assassinated Olaf Palme. These assassins all walked free. Perhaps Sweden should concentrate on solving real crimes instead of trying to hand over a good man to its friends in the CIA.

Over the last twelve months there have been many injustices making it difficult to know where to start. It is particularly frustrating when there is so little good news and so much bad news. Judging by the number of readers the most popular blog posts in order were:

The Rape of Julian Assange
Two Extradited Poets
Why the UK has not extradited Julian Assange directly to the US

While these were popular for a blog that is less than 12 months old my most important contribution to web media publications came in December. The one of which I am most proud is a story I broke which has still not been taken up by MSM and I wonder if it ever will:

Breaking news on McCormac culpability

It tells how Billy McCormac, through his connections with Karl Rove, as advisers to Prime Minister Reinfeldt, and using McCormac's Prime PR company, are seen to be the main culprits in setting up Julian Assange for CIA rendition to the United States. McCormac, because he appears to have no history prior to going to Sweden, is suspected of being a CIA Swedish plant. His late father though is an equally interesting character. He was responsible for the nuclear tests that blew an almighty hole in the ozone layer right over Australia, the South Pacific and Antarctica.

Two other stories I helped break this month, within the last week in fact, which were published in the progressive radical News Junkie Post are:

How Sweden collaborated with CIA on renditions and framing of Assange.

Is a Zionist Connection at Play to Frame Wikileaks’ Assange in Sweden? 

Let's hope things improve in the New Year so that before it ends I can get back to writing the arty-farty stuff I ought to be writing.

HAPPY 2013!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Assange and the ambassador of torture

Today I am going to London to hear the Christmas message from Julian Assange. Governments have a lot to answer for in their persecution of individuals.

Rafik Saley, Okoth Osewe (in Sweden) and myself put together this article on Sweden's ambassador to Australia. It needs spreading so the world knows who the real traitors to society are.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Torture is in fashion

At a time when the tortured chickens of UN and CIA rendition are coming home to roost Gulnara Karimova flaunts herself as a dedicated follower of fashion and yoga exponent. She is also described as a diplomat, executing the duties of a UN envoy, a screenwriter, oh, and a jewellery designer. Keeping active is an important feature in the life of a dictator's daughter. She has always been conscious about her image even though two years back she was described, thanks to Wikileaks cables, as the most despised woman in Uzbekistan.

Her father is the notorious Islam Karimov, who has pretty well set himself up as permanent president of Uzbekistan and all the speculation suggests she is most likely to follow in his footsteps if he retires, being labelled in one Russian blog as the Mafia Princess. Karimov became president in 1990 and has no opposition, since serious opponents tend to disappear without trace. He is friends with US power-mongers and feels as comfortable in the presence of George W. Bush as Hilary Clinton appears in Karimov's company.

Photo courtesy of Dominic Streatfeild's, A History of the World since 9/11, published in February 2011 (UK) by Atlantic Books, August 2011 (US) by Bloomsbury Press.

The issue of torture in Uzbekistan was raised by Craig Murray when he was ambassador there but because of our transatlantic allegiance it was thought better to get rid of Murray than bring Karimov to international justice. Karimov's human rights record is even worse than that of the United States. As well as the disappearances of his opponents he has been criticised for his regime's widespread use of torture and the exploitation of children in the cotton fields.

Yesterday, both in Strasbourg and the UK, two torture victims were compensated for their ordeals.£2.2 million pounds of taxpayers money was paid in compensation to Libyan dissident, Sami al Saadi, for being illegally rendered back to Libya to face torture under the Gadaffi regime when Tony Blair was still friends with Gadaffi, while from Germany, Khaled el Masri, was rendered by the CIA to Macedonia where in front of Macedonian police, who witnessed the scene, CIA operatives buggered, shackled and beat him. The European Court of Human Rights ordered Macedonia to pay him €60,000 (£49,000) in compensation and requested that the US must apologise and make a voluntary contribution to Mr el Masri. Anybody see a connection that two cases are concluded at the same time? It is not a coincidence. The vast sums are paid to keep names like Jack Straw, and his culpability, off the record. It is hush money!

Today I co-wrote with editorial input an article concerned with Sweden's rendition programme at the behest of the CIA, concentrating mainly on the cases of Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al Zery, who were extradited to Egypt where they were both imprisoned and tortured. In both cases the men were paid compensation of 3 million Kronors. Mr. Agiza spent 10 years in prison. We have British citizens, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, for whom this blog tried to prevent extradition, suffering in US supermax prisons because Theresa May extradited them to the US even though they had already spent unreasonable times in UK prisons without even being charged. They have done nothing wrong but in the US 98% of prisoners confess in plea bargains just to get a shorter sentence because of the harshness of conditions. It too is torture.

Back to Gulnara Karimov and her repressive regime backed by the US and UK. Thankfully not everybody is as complacent as the UK and US governments in seeking to end this human rights abuse. While Gulnara has been posting pictures of herself in suggestive Yoga postures on Twitter, and telling the world how she does not eat meat, only chicken and fish, Andrew Stroehlein has been questioning her country's record, as Uzbekistan's envoy to the UN, on torture, the Andijan massacre of April 2005, child labour, lack of freedom of expression and a whole host of other serious abuses that are not going to go away. So perhaps when she's meditating after her next Yoga session, she can meditate on some of those issues.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breaking news on McCormac culpability

Satire is something that Americans are not so sure about and transatlantic humour is pretty much a hit and miss affair. So I hope my friends in the US are able to separate the satire from the obvious truth of this video. It features Billy McCormac, a PR consultant and advisor to Sweden's Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, and Karl Rove who also advised Reinfeldt but is more famous for rigging George W. Bush's election 'victory'. Without this man we might not have had the war in Iraq and all the other post Bush wars. Karl Rove is the personification of evil. Even today an innocent former governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, is in prison because Rove, through his former wife's contacts in the US judiciary, got him incarcerated by a 'bent' judge.

I am proud of the research that went into this cartoon. Billy McCormac is quite well-known in Sweden where he has lived since 1995. Nothing was known about him prior to his arrival in Sweden. He is now an executive of Prime PR. This set me thinking. CIA? Something to hide? Shame? All these? What? One thing was certain from the start. He knows all the right people and is probably Sweden's main political commentator on US politics. As well as being an advisor to Reinfeldt he was a senior consultant in a former PR company JKL, the blog of which which closed in 2006. There is a photo of him with Karl Rove and Fredrik Andersson and it is almost certain that he was instrumental in arranging introductions for Rove when Rove went over to Sweden to give Reinfeldt his electorial expertise. While vote-rigging is thought to be the domain of dictatorships in less developed countries Rove rigged the election which got George W. Bush illegally to power. It was the biggest crime of the new century.

What puzzled me was McCormac's ancestry. There appeared to be nothing about his life in the USA.It was not until I discovered that there was a Billy Murray McCormac, a nuclear scientist who died in 1999, and who had left children, one called Billy McCormac II, that things began to make sense. With further checking I discovered that a Billy McCormac II had made donations to the Democratic National Services Corporation, one of $1000 in 2009 and another also $1000 this year. You need to type his name into the appropriate box. This facility no longer works for me. However I photographed the link with stem details before it went down.

I therefore suggest that the reason there is no history for the Prime PR executive is because his father was responsible for creating the massive hole in the ozone layer that sits over Australia and the Pacific with his upper atmosphere nuclear tests in 1962. This was the biggest crime of the old century. It might be noticed that testing took place as far away from the US as geographically possible. What it is the US, and the McCormacs, have against Australia I really don't know. Billy McCormac senior left them with no protection from the sun's deadly rays. Billy McCormac junior is trying to get the best export Australia has given us in decades banged up in a US Supermax prison for exposing US war and torture crimes. And still the Aussies kiss the arse of Uncle Sam. Some things are inexplicable.