Thursday, May 29, 2014

Willy Wonka and the hidden bullets

Willy Wonka (Petro Poroshenko) is an international chocolate and candy manufacturer. It would appear he does not like children, but they are his main source of income. He does not like people in general but in the killing fields of the Ivory Coast slave children die regularly to supply the raw materials for his chocolate empire. As a media magnate too he can distribute lies as easily as if they were chocolate bars. As well as his business empires he is now President of a country torn apart by his western masters. Yesterday his troops attacked a school in Slavyansk.

Children are being traumatised today in Eastern Ukraine much as they were, and still are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Balkans, Vietnam, Korea, in fact every one of the 360 post Second World War incursions the US has spearheaded. What these nightmare attacks mean long-term for children's psychological development can only be imagined. This is the view from someone on the ground.

“It’s terrifying for children” said Anna a 30 year old teacher from Slavyansk. Nights, when they jump out of bed from an explosion stick in their minds for life. It is very complicated to explain who is shooting, and why. See, for children everything is simple: they shoot the enemy. My 10 year old son asked: “Momma, but why has the enemy got a Ukrainian flag with BTP on it? I try to explain that it is not the enemy, but the Ukrainian Army. But the child does not calm down: “Then why are they shooting at us.” How do you explain to a child what is going on?

Note: BTP (Общество с ограниченной ответственностью “БТП”) Society with Limited Responsibility. I suppose all military units could be so described.

Perhaps Willy Wonka would like to answer how you explain to a child why his own government troops are attacking Ukrainians. A bar of chocolate is not the answer. This is Willy Wonka's brand Roshen. He also owns Bonbonetti and perhaps quite a few other brands. They all look good. Children need to be aware that they may contain hidden bullets.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Poroshenko - how wrong can you get?

Yesterday, not waiting to see what happens in the legitimate Ukraine, I gave Petro Poroshenko the benefit of the doubt and hoped he would try to reunite the people of his country. To my shame, I once did this with Tony Blair. We in the UK have had chocolate manufacturers, mostly Quakers, like the Fry family, the Rowntree family in York and here in Birmingham, the Cadbury family, and I was rather hoping he could have been added to the list. These families went into chocolate and sweet production as a passive rather than military-based industry, probably not knowing the real detrimental effect their products can have, and death by chocolate is a slow process. But they did not set out to kill people.

Poroshenko is clearly no different from the other thugs that have taken power in Ukraine. Having been in office not more than twenty four hours he has already engaged in greater military action against a largely unarmed population of the breakaway regions of East Ukraine. Because of its irrecoverable economy the USA needs to involve the major powers, Russia and China, in a major conflict so that the collapse of its currency can be blamed on war. We may never get to learn what the US has offered this man to wage war on his own people. Civilians are being killed from the air by Ukrainian forces and the country could become the failed state that no decent people want to see, and you can bet few of the electorate cast their votes for.

The people of Eastern Ukraine have also voted, in a much bigger turn out than in the Kiev elections. I cannot see the present situation improving and Vladimir Putin, who has stood back throughout may have to intervene to protect the innocent civilians who have voted in a referendum to become part of the Russian Federation. This is what the US wants, military action everywhere except in the US. Unfortunately I made a big mistake yesterday and apologise to anyone I misled.

UKIP - The half human face of racism and Petro (Pyotr) Poroshenko

Nigel Farage has been inteviewed on BBC (0700) News and finished the interview by saying "you will be seeing less of me in the future". If you believe it, and think like me, you will be thinking thank God for that. This right-wing stitched-on grin has never been off our screens, well captured in this short video. In the European elections UKIP has made significant gains as has the extreme right all over Europe, showing an unwelcome trend, for those of us who have campaigned against racism all our lives. When Farage was a Conservative he was to the far right of a party that contains such racists as Theresa May. She, and the Conservatives in general, are largely responsible for the rise in UKIP's increase in 10 European seats to 23 overall with one or two seats still to be counted. In the vilification of Muslims, homage to our US masters, she has given racism a half-human face.

Farage as recently as1998 referred to blacks as "niggers" and "nig-nogs" but now denies he ever said it. He clearly did. Professor Alan Sked, who founded UKIP, did not want this kind of racism for the party and reported Farage's racist remarks to the press. Farage threatened through his lawyers to sue Sked, but never went through with it, showing that he knew in his heart that Sked was right. This makes him a liar, which is not unique to UKIP politicians of course, but Farage has shown he is quite prepared to lie to convert the gullible to what has now become a right-wing nationalist party before with his highly inflated immigration projections about a flood of Romanians and Bulgarians which did not occur. This hyperbole is reminiscent of the rhetoric of former racist, Enoch Powell, with his 'rivers of blood' speech.

This week Prince Charles compared Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler. Yes, Putin is popular, but there has been no recent history of Russian imperialism or land grabs, though you would not believe this watching mainstream media, which portrays the legitimate home-based referendum in Crimea as a Russian invasion. The other referenda in Ukraine in the Donetsk and other Eastern regions took place under the duress of an army blockade even though Putin asked the electorate not to go ahead, hardly the action of a dictator. He was ignored. Eventually I see these regions becoming part of the Russian Federation. It will be portrayed as an invasion in our press.

In Ukraine since February there has been a lot of western-promoted riots which have put the country in chaos. Yesterday they too had an election. Putin has said he would work with anybody elected who was not a criminal. This seems to mean he will work with Petro Poroshenko who appears to have convincingly won the election there, but would not have been prepared to work with Yulia Timoshenko, who was the other front-runner. She, until the riots in Kiev which installed an illegal government, was serving a prison sentence for embezzlement and corruption. Surprisingly this Poroshenko victory has not been reported on the BBC yet. Poroshenko has talked peace so it needs to be seen if he keeps his word. What this may mean is that the eastern regions will be ceded to the Russian Federation, even if that means another referendum first. He has also talked of believing in a united Ukraine. In this result the west, who have pumped millions of dollars in pushing for regime-change, will be most disappointed, though Poroshenko allegedly has business interests in the west as well as in Russia.

So it would appear the Ukraine, which has recently seen racism showing all its many ugly faces, has voted against the illegal government that took over Ukraine. Beware that Farage's rise in power does not lead to a tsunami of racist riots. There is a tradition of fighting against racism from good people everywhere. If Nigel Farage ever came to power it would spell disaster. As it is they have not got a single seat in Westminster. Farage predicts that at the next General election UKIP will win parliamentary seats. That being so, keep a weather eye on this unwelcome surge.

Update on the Proshenko election:

The election of Poroshenko appears to have undergone some electronic anomalies and it may be referred back to a count. The right sector fascists, responsible for the deaths of many people in Odessa, which has taken over the Ukraine secret services (SUB), has apparently detected a bug, which may lead to a manual recount. It makes one want to ask if Karl Rove is in charge. Poroshenko is thought to have more than the 55% of votes necessary to take office. However the west wanted Timoshenko, who only polled about 12% in a low turnout, to win. Otherwise their investment in creating a failed state will be lost.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Death barons

Wars today have nearly always have NATO's name on them. None of them is moral and most of them illegal. Ordinary people do not normally profit from war. Soldiers, who put their lives on the line do not profit and may even pay the ultimate price. Those labelled as enemies do not profit either. Town and city infrastructures are turned into ruins. The victors in war today are those with the superior weapons, and all the stories about David and Goliath, and the weak triumphing over the strong in today's world are myths. Those with the most powerful weapons are always the victors. If this behaviour happened in a school playground teachers would hopefully stamp it out. But there are no teachers, or policemen and policewomen to curb the actions of NATO. Thus it charges all over the world like a many-headed hydra destroying everything it confronts and leaving in its wake a bloodbath of misery and death. There is an old couplet.

The spoils of war, I'll tell you plain,
are a wooden leg, or a silver chain.

Some people do profit from war. Multi-millionaire, Tony Blair, is one unworthy example of how the world is rewarding war-criminals instead of putting them on trial. There are others who benefit while the bereaved bury the dead such people's policies have showered upon them. My latest article looks at some of these rich profiteers from death and speculates about what is happening today in the failed state of Libya, which was paradise when Gaddafi ran it, to what it is today.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Craig Murray exposes sham UK government "Vote No Borders" campaign for Scotland

In another sleuth-like piece of worthy journalism Craig Murray shows the Tory government and its servile messenger, the BBC, up for what they are - biased manipulators of opinion. Instead of letting the Scottish people decide their own fate the Tories, it appears, have used a private limited company, with funds which have suddenly appeared from nowhere, with a PR executive experienced in advising on campaigns of countries like Bahrain, Dubai, Israel and England at its helm. The other helmsman director makes key donations to the, guess what, Conservative Party.

To begin with I did not wish to see a breakup of the United Kingdom, but with major insurance companies and banks despicably threatening to pull their Scottish-based business, a dirty piece of attempted leverage, I changed my mind. The more I read about it the more I think independence for Scotland will be a good thing. I think it will be a good thing for England too. Because then we can strive to equal Scotland which already has much more progressive educational system than ours, which is as elitist as the Tory cabinet. Congratulations Craig Murray for digging this story up.