Friday, August 30, 2013

Did the United States deliberately sponsor a chemical attack on Syria?

I missed a Daily Mail article which forecast exactly how the false flag in Syria appears to have been spun and acted upon. Apparently the Louise Boyle's article published at the end of January has since been taken down. Thanks to the internet, and those who keep an eye on such things, a stub has been preserved. Here again, for others who may have missed it, as I did, is the Mail link.
Her report is based on a Paul Joseph Watson article published the day before in INFOWARS. Other reports of the last week tend to confirm that the US plan was acted upon. And this is how it panned out if the reports are correct. They certainly seem to have more authentic information than the silly dossier presented to parliament by the intelligence services. So I’ll say it again: there is no intelligence in intelligence.
These false flags created by the modern United States of America are appalling. It is historically crucial that both Parliament and Congress were in recess when this false flag event took place because they were hoping to take military action without proper debate. There is even a report that Reuters and Al Jazeera published photographs of the dead and injured in the chemical attack the day before the actual attack is alleged to have taken place. If the leaked emails are true, and Britam Defence has not denied them being true, then Britam and the United States government should be taken to task. The BBC again has given no coverage of this alternative news. It is left to bloggers.