Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Watch out if you live in the United States.

It is becoming ever more evident that the US and Israel were culprits in the 9/11 attacks blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Those who have not come across Dr Judy Wood's research might be concerned to learn that the Supreme Court of the United States is not prepared to hear her evidence suggesting that the US government's explanation does not hold water. In some ways it is like our government withholding papers and photographs on the death of Dr David Kelly since he was the leak regarding the "spiced up" dossier. Apparently she was threateningly warned by one judge not to pursue her investigations.

9/11 was used as a justification for attacking Iraq. My suspicion, and the evidence grows, is that the US and Israel were jointly complicit in 9/11, though it's fair to explain that Dr Judy Wood does not draw any conclusions as to who was responsible. With the knowledge of her evidence available it may come as no surprise to learn that US intelligence now has "information" that Iran is proposing attacks on the US. So when these false flag attacks come to pass the US, and its Zionist puppeteers, (see yesterday's post) can blame Iranian extremists and use it as a basis for attacking Iran, much as they did with all the false documents used to justify the war on Iraq.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Jews are doomed to wander

Let's get one thing clear: there has never really been a state of Israel, not the kind the Zionists want. Zionists want a state that governs the world from Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a holy city, and a holy city to more than one faith. Throughout history Jewish people have been persecuted because of this unachievable goal which materialises itself today in what they call a New World Order.

It involves others, neo-cons in the UK like Liam Fox, William Hague, George Osborne, Michael Gove and Lord Astor who set up a supposed educational charity Atlantic Bridge. I include Lord Astor because he is the prime minister's father-in-law, and it would not be fair to leave David Cameron totally adrift of his cronies when the life-jackets go on. The puppeteers behind these neo-co
ns are almost certainly Zionist, and certainly Jewish, and include people like Poju Zabludowicz, a funder of the Jewish lobby group Bicom, Mick Davis the top man at Xstrata, and Michael Lewis of Oceana Investments. The combined wealth of these three is incalculable and changing from day to day. These were the funders behind Werritty's trips abroad alongside his friend, our Defence Minister, Liam Fox. But for Fox's forced resignation, and believe me Defence Ministers do not go easily, we might already be at war with Iran. Have you noticed that the US and UK no longer let the electorate know when they are going to war? That is the lesson they learnt from the mass demonstration I was proud to attend in Hyde Park in February 2003. The lesson they should have learnt is that their electorate do not want them to go to war on any flimsy pretext, and in my case on any pretext whatsoever.

But war is what is on the agenda with Iran, and it appears to be imminent. Much of the real news today no longer comes via mainstream news outlets, instead there are dedicated bloggers, some of them professors whose consciences will not allow them to remain quiet any longer. Let me direct you to a very reasonable professor of religion, Ira Chernus, in today's Huff Post, a must-read internet newspaper. As Professor Chernus reasons, the New York Times Magazine subtitles its article 'Israel v Iran' with a definite "when" rather than a speculative "if" Israel goes to war with Iran. The agenda is already there. Israel, with its huge arsenal of nuclear weapons, has signed a non-proliferation treaty to try to ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, but it will happen. The genie is already out of the bottle. Pandora's box is open.

Nobody believes western lies about whether a country has this or that, or how important it is to world peace, nobody except those who still slavishly follow their masters, Tony Blair et al, and those who never read Animal Farm. Governments, too, do what their Zionist puppeteers tell them to do, whether it has any ground in morality or not. But the battle for peace is already lost. They will do what they will. They will have their war. Eventually, when their depleted weapons stocks are thoroughly depleted, when the world banking system collapses, and none of the rich countries, like China and Russia, will lend them money to buy more weapons, poor Jews will be wandering around again looking for a crust of bread. The poor Jews will get the blame for their Zionist leaders' mistakes and there will be pogroms, and hatred, and some Steven Spielberg of the future will get us all reaching for our handkerchiefs over the way Jewish people have been mistreated and persecuted. It is not Jewish people themselves who are to blame, but their Zionist masters, making it a pity they did not recognise the leader they had been waiting for for 500 years; or we might all be at peace. But we are not, and that
is why Jews are doomed to wander. Zionists look on themselves as a chosen elite, better than the rest of us, with their false god, money.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A king, a king, my horsedom for a king

Romania, on my first visit in 2000, was quaintly backward in one sense, but moving swiftly into the 21st century in another. Surprisingly the main roads had, by and large, quite smooth surfaces, until reaching the outskirts of Bucharest, where they deteriorated dramatically, with potholes popping down everywhere. En route the quaintness was emphasised by vehicles we very rarely see in England, like horse-drawn carts and steam-cars, which chugged along at a steady pace. For rural communities these were practical vehicles, having a circular saw mounted to the rear. When the vehicle was stationary the saw could be engaged for cutting wood into manageable sizes.

Travelling by bike there were few vehicles in my 7000 kilometre journey that I ever got to overtake apart from the mammalian and mechanical chuggers, and a few locals on their village rattle-bikes. Eleven years on and the roads, even in Bucharest, get better, as does the infrastructure in general. Supermarkets are springing up in all the towns while small businesses are closing down unable to compete.

Towards the end of October 2011, on my latest visit, national television was inundated with birthday celebrations for the 90 year-old, formerly-deposed exile, King Michael I, who was forced to abdicate in 1947. The February issue of The Oldie contains a Nick Thorpe interview with the ageing former monarch, whose country fought on the side of the Nazis until it became imprudent to do so any longer. Then came Communism.

The second communist leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, was executed together with his wife, following a kangaroo trial, on Christmas Day, 1989. At the time it was the only country in Europe without a national debt. There is something of a dichotomy in the way the Communist Party of Romania allowed King Michael I to freely leave his kingdom, with all the possessions he wished to take with him, and the way that capitalist, and Christian, Romania siezed the opportunity to swiftly execute Ceausescu without a proper trial. Conspiracy theorists might think it wreaks of western involvement. In fact, the overthrow was orchestrated, from a western city, Timișoara, by a priest of Hungarian extraction, László Tőkés. During Ceausescu's 22 years at the helm times were hard for a predominantly peasant country, so hard, that on one of my visits when I was preparing a meal using lentils I was accused of eating 'peasant food' of the former communist country from the days when few could afford meat.

While towns are becoming more westernised, and prosperous, Romania's national debt is now matching that of other western economies, and people in the villages are suffering, much as they did under Ceausescu. Many prefer the Ceausescu years when everybody had jobs. While celebrations for the birthday of King Michael were given prime-time coverage these were clearly organised by those with an interest to see that communism never returns. As long as western countries can keep adding to their debts there seems little likelihood of a return to communism. The horses are going. The steam-cars are all but gone. There will be no return to monarchy. But one day the reaper will be looking for his harvest.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Robert Bage (1730-1801)

Having recently completed a 60,000 word thesis on the social concerns of Robert Bage I feel reasonably well disposed to try to introduce him to a wider audience. He lived quite locally, Elford, in Staffordshire, where he ran a paper-mill, then later four miles away at Tamworth. He wrote six novels, the most famous being Hermsprong (1796). To acquaint readers of this blog with his writing style and wit the following extract is from James Wallace (1788) in one of his early adventures. Wallace is always running away and this episode is one which also drives him from his place of employment. To condense the extract I have summarised some of the plot.

The complexity and fickleness of human nature is well captured following the seduction of Rachael Potts, a maid-servant. The instrument of her undoing is Thomas Gamidge, son of the family to whom Rachael is a servant. Mr Gamidge senior is a justice, but his wife feels herself quite as well equipped to pass judgement on the young ruined girl. 'What vile man have you been connected with, you abominable strumpet?' Rachael remains silent through a barrage of accusations and insults until she is brought before Mr Gamidge.

'Rachael Potts, you stands indicted before me, Thomas Gamidge, Esq; justice of the peace and quorum, for the wicked and heinous sin of fornication. Rachael Potts, I suppose you knows what fornication is? I hopes I have no occasion to instruct you in the nature of it: It is a thing abhorred by God and man, and nobody never commits it without lustful and evil desires.‘

'And all manner of concupiscence you nasty slut,' adds Madam Gamidge.

'What say you, Rachael Potts, guilty or not guilty?' — Rachael answered only with tears, and she was beautiful in tears.

Mrs Gamidge would like to see Rachael whipped and the father sent to a house of correction. Mr Gamidge insists that the wretch will marry her and make her an honest woman. There then follows a scene where the Justice does indeed try to instruct the young girl in the nature of fornication, until, to avoid further advances, she confesses that his son is the father of her predicament, and in a neatly contrived Malapropism informs the Justice it would be 'so like in — in — incense — God would never forgive me.' This comedy is lost on Gamidge, whose son, another Thomas, wants to marry Rachael. But Mrs Gamidge would rather James Wallace accommodate the pretty and pregnant maidservant and to such an end she offers a bribe of one hundred pounds. Wallace would rather have the 'getting' of his own children and after the Gamidge‘s daughter throws herself at him he plans a hasty retreat to escape having the getting of his own children too early in his career and life.

Thomas, junior, tells James Wallace on the day Wallace is dismissed, that he intends to marry Rachael within a week despite what his parents think. However a letter from his sister, Mary, a fortnight later, while expressing strong feelings for James, simply informs that Thomas is hearing enough about his sins with Rachael from his parents, but no mention of any marriage is made.

Hope this little extract awakens in you a desire to read more. Hermsprong is available online from Googlebooks.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

First ever post

(It is remarkable how easy it was to set this blog up. And it was free! So thank you blogger.com since I spent good money on software which was virtually unusable without a degree in web-page design. The web-design software responsible, WebPlusX4, was also unstable, so I removed it from my computer.)

This first ever post coincides with the publication of a poem of mine at Poetry24 called 'The Devil's Own' which was inspired by the video of a little Iraqi girl whose family was murdered by US marines in revenge for a roadside bomb which was nothing to do with them, or any of the other families killed by the marines. To begin with it was denied that the marines had anything to do with these civilian deaths, and that shrapnel from the roadside bomb had killed the families, while others were allegedly killed in crossfire. When it could no longer be denied guilt was admitted. A trial, farce might be a better word, exonerated these soldiers.

At the same time Bradley Manning has been held in a US military prison since May 2010 for allegedly leaking the truth about US war-crimes. My brain will not let me rationalise the release of war-criminals and the detention of an honest man. Am I missing something?