Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time for a reality check

Last August the Daily Mail ran a photograph with the faces of two of the five people in the photograph obscured. One of them was Anna Ardin (or Anna Bernardin) who the Mail refers to as 'Woman A'. She is one of the accusers in the case against Julian Assange. An interesting fact about this photograph is that it was taken two days after Anna Ardin was allegedly sexually assaulted at the hands of Julian Assange. Ardin would claim five days after the photograph was taken that Assange had sexually assaulted her a week earlier. Here is an unexpurgated but cropped photograph of four happy people. Ardin is on the left and Assange on the right. One of them is a victim.

The photograph reveals how young-looking Julian Assange appears in the days before Anna Ardin extracted her 'revenge'. Those who have been following the story will know that Anna had on her website a blog-post called "Seven Steps to Legal Revenge" which was mainly aimed at making those who cheat on their lovers suffer. The same day this photograph was taken Anna learnt that Julian Assange was having an affair with 'Woman B'. After going to the police station with woman B to complain Ardin took down her 'revenge' blogpost and also removed some tweets which showed just how much she was enjoying herself with the coolest people one of them being Assange. The enjoyment again was after the alleged 'rape' took place.

For the benefit of those new to the story here is a timeline of events published on Daddys' Swedish blog the same year Assange visited Sweden. You will notice that the photograph on this blog was one from the same series as the one presented above.

Anna Ardin has in the past worked at two Swedish embassies, one in Argentina and one in the United States. That is not to say that she is a CIA agent, but she was certainly in a position of privilege that would make her of recruitment interest to the secret services of either the United States or her native Sweden. Quite clearly Uncle Sam, some of whose deplorable war crimes have been revealed by Wikileaks, would rather take Julian Assange and Wikileaks out of circulation than change their "kill-first-ask-questions-later" persecution of Islam. This criminal activity is set to continue with increasing drone-strikes which are already known to have killed hundreds of children; many of these deaths often going unreported in the west. Reform is not a word in the vocabulary of the most persecuting state since NAZI Germany.

The photograph, courtesy of Justice4Assange, has been published on this blog because the mainstream media and its journalists are not allowed to do so. Neither are they allowed to mention the name of Ms Ardin (or her friend, the police interrogator in the case, Irmeli Krans) for fear people might jump to conclusions that Julian Assange is the victim and not her. Ardin and Krans have been protected, while all kinds of ludicrous accusations have been bandied about to the detriment of Assange. Here is a recent account of what happened on the Saturday Anna Ardin was interviewed. Readers can make up their own minds who they believe.


  1. A blatantly fraudulent prosecution, brought at the behest of the US government, the worldwide leader in such matters.

  2. Quite right, Barry. He's been set up.