Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breaking news on McCormac culpability

Satire is something that Americans are not so sure about and transatlantic humour is pretty much a hit and miss affair. So I hope my friends in the US are able to separate the satire from the obvious truth of this video. It features Billy McCormac, a PR consultant and advisor to Sweden's Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, and Karl Rove who also advised Reinfeldt but is more famous for rigging George W. Bush's election 'victory'. Without this man we might not have had the war in Iraq and all the other post Bush wars. Karl Rove is the personification of evil. Even today an innocent former governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, is in prison because Rove, through his former wife's contacts in the US judiciary, got him incarcerated by a 'bent' judge.

I am proud of the research that went into this cartoon. Billy McCormac is quite well-known in Sweden where he has lived since 1995. Nothing was known about him prior to his arrival in Sweden. He is now an executive of Prime PR. This set me thinking. CIA? Something to hide? Shame? All these? What? One thing was certain from the start. He knows all the right people and is probably Sweden's main political commentator on US politics. As well as being an advisor to Reinfeldt he was a senior consultant in a former PR company JKL, the blog of which which closed in 2006. There is a photo of him with Karl Rove and Fredrik Andersson and it is almost certain that he was instrumental in arranging introductions for Rove when Rove went over to Sweden to give Reinfeldt his electorial expertise. While vote-rigging is thought to be the domain of dictatorships in less developed countries Rove rigged the election which got George W. Bush illegally to power. It was the biggest crime of the new century.

What puzzled me was McCormac's ancestry. There appeared to be nothing about his life in the USA.It was not until I discovered that there was a Billy Murray McCormac, a nuclear scientist who died in 1999, and who had left children, one called Billy McCormac II, that things began to make sense. With further checking I discovered that a Billy McCormac II had made donations to the Democratic National Services Corporation, one of $1000 in 2009 and another also $1000 this year. You need to type his name into the appropriate box. This facility no longer works for me. However I photographed the link with stem details before it went down.

I therefore suggest that the reason there is no history for the Prime PR executive is because his father was responsible for creating the massive hole in the ozone layer that sits over Australia and the Pacific with his upper atmosphere nuclear tests in 1962. This was the biggest crime of the old century. It might be noticed that testing took place as far away from the US as geographically possible. What it is the US, and the McCormacs, have against Australia I really don't know. Billy McCormac senior left them with no protection from the sun's deadly rays. Billy McCormac junior is trying to get the best export Australia has given us in decades banged up in a US Supermax prison for exposing US war and torture crimes. And still the Aussies kiss the arse of Uncle Sam. Some things are inexplicable.

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