Thursday, May 29, 2014

Willy Wonka and the hidden bullets

Willy Wonka (Petro Poroshenko) is an international chocolate and candy manufacturer. It would appear he does not like children, but they are his main source of income. He does not like people in general but in the killing fields of the Ivory Coast slave children die regularly to supply the raw materials for his chocolate empire. As a media magnate too he can distribute lies as easily as if they were chocolate bars. As well as his business empires he is now President of a country torn apart by his western masters. Yesterday his troops attacked a school in Slavyansk.

Children are being traumatised today in Eastern Ukraine much as they were, and still are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Balkans, Vietnam, Korea, in fact every one of the 360 post Second World War incursions the US has spearheaded. What these nightmare attacks mean long-term for children's psychological development can only be imagined. This is the view from someone on the ground.

“It’s terrifying for children” said Anna a 30 year old teacher from Slavyansk. Nights, when they jump out of bed from an explosion stick in their minds for life. It is very complicated to explain who is shooting, and why. See, for children everything is simple: they shoot the enemy. My 10 year old son asked: “Momma, but why has the enemy got a Ukrainian flag with BTP on it? I try to explain that it is not the enemy, but the Ukrainian Army. But the child does not calm down: “Then why are they shooting at us.” How do you explain to a child what is going on?

Note: BTP (Общество с ограниченной ответственностью “БТП”) Society with Limited Responsibility. I suppose all military units could be so described.

Perhaps Willy Wonka would like to answer how you explain to a child why his own government troops are attacking Ukrainians. A bar of chocolate is not the answer. This is Willy Wonka's brand Roshen. He also owns Bonbonetti and perhaps quite a few other brands. They all look good. Children need to be aware that they may contain hidden bullets.

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  1. Today 7 children have been injured in a Ukrainian Army attack on a residential area.

    Needless to say it was not covered by the BBC, anymore than the hospital and school attacked in the last four days.