Friday, May 2, 2014

Craig Murray exposes sham UK government "Vote No Borders" campaign for Scotland

In another sleuth-like piece of worthy journalism Craig Murray shows the Tory government and its servile messenger, the BBC, up for what they are - biased manipulators of opinion. Instead of letting the Scottish people decide their own fate the Tories, it appears, have used a private limited company, with funds which have suddenly appeared from nowhere, with a PR executive experienced in advising on campaigns of countries like Bahrain, Dubai, Israel and England at its helm. The other helmsman director makes key donations to the, guess what, Conservative Party.

To begin with I did not wish to see a breakup of the United Kingdom, but with major insurance companies and banks despicably threatening to pull their Scottish-based business, a dirty piece of attempted leverage, I changed my mind. The more I read about it the more I think independence for Scotland will be a good thing. I think it will be a good thing for England too. Because then we can strive to equal Scotland which already has much more progressive educational system than ours, which is as elitist as the Tory cabinet. Congratulations Craig Murray for digging this story up.

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