Friday, May 9, 2014

Death barons

Wars today have nearly always have NATO's name on them. None of them is moral and most of them illegal. Ordinary people do not normally profit from war. Soldiers, who put their lives on the line do not profit and may even pay the ultimate price. Those labelled as enemies do not profit either. Town and city infrastructures are turned into ruins. The victors in war today are those with the superior weapons, and all the stories about David and Goliath, and the weak triumphing over the strong in today's world are myths. Those with the most powerful weapons are always the victors. If this behaviour happened in a school playground teachers would hopefully stamp it out. But there are no teachers, or policemen and policewomen to curb the actions of NATO. Thus it charges all over the world like a many-headed hydra destroying everything it confronts and leaving in its wake a bloodbath of misery and death. There is an old couplet.

The spoils of war, I'll tell you plain,
are a wooden leg, or a silver chain.

Some people do profit from war. Multi-millionaire, Tony Blair, is one unworthy example of how the world is rewarding war-criminals instead of putting them on trial. There are others who benefit while the bereaved bury the dead such people's policies have showered upon them. My latest article looks at some of these rich profiteers from death and speculates about what is happening today in the failed state of Libya, which was paradise when Gaddafi ran it, to what it is today.

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