Thursday, June 5, 2014

BBC - Is it worth the licence fee?

What has been going on in Ukraine over the last week has been terrible for the poor people of the Donbass region. There is no water in some of the cities and many women and children have fled across the Russian border to refugee camps there. Ukrainians were not involved in a civil war with one another when Yanukovich was President. Since Yatsenyuk and the two right-wing parties of Right Sector and Svoboda there have been so many deaths like those in Odessa, and now in the Donbass Oblast'.

The BBC has been worse than sinful in its omission of reporting this news. My colleague, Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, a human rights’ activist living in Sweden, who was himself imprisoned under Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile, depicts the stark reality of what has not been reported on any mainstream media channel. WARNING: There are images in this blog which are not for the squeamish. The BBC, as ever, is as disgusting as it was during the Iraq war. What do we pay our licence fees for?

None of this has been reported. My information is that the lady who was a victim of Yatsenyuk's air strikes who is talking to rescuers in the third video died in hospital. Her name I believe was Inna. What abject cruelty! We are the only animals who delight in killing for killing's sake.


  1. Nobody knows the exact number of television licence evaders but it's hard to deny that licence evasion is rising for a multitude of reasons. I'm 99.9% convinced that after the analogue switch off working detector vans are no more. Instead the enquiry officers use visual means to pinpoint evaders. Nothing more sophisticated than a pair of binoculars.

    I'm convinced that support for the BBC and the TV licence is strongest amongst older white British people with Freeview who remember the BBC as Auntie Beeb and regularly watch BBC channels, and is weakest amongst younger people of foreign backgrounds with satellite TV who rarely watch BBC channels as they overwhelmingly prefer their own cultural and religious satellite channels, so begrudge having to pay money to a broadcaster that is of little interest to them. The 'left' who defend the BBC doesn't appear to have picked up on this situation.

  2. A welcome observation Riaz. Thanks.