Monday, May 26, 2014

Poroshenko - how wrong can you get?

Yesterday, not waiting to see what happens in the legitimate Ukraine, I gave Petro Poroshenko the benefit of the doubt and hoped he would try to reunite the people of his country. To my shame, I once did this with Tony Blair. We in the UK have had chocolate manufacturers, mostly Quakers, like the Fry family, the Rowntree family in York and here in Birmingham, the Cadbury family, and I was rather hoping he could have been added to the list. These families went into chocolate and sweet production as a passive rather than military-based industry, probably not knowing the real detrimental effect their products can have, and death by chocolate is a slow process. But they did not set out to kill people.

Poroshenko is clearly no different from the other thugs that have taken power in Ukraine. Having been in office not more than twenty four hours he has already engaged in greater military action against a largely unarmed population of the breakaway regions of East Ukraine. Because of its irrecoverable economy the USA needs to involve the major powers, Russia and China, in a major conflict so that the collapse of its currency can be blamed on war. We may never get to learn what the US has offered this man to wage war on his own people. Civilians are being killed from the air by Ukrainian forces and the country could become the failed state that no decent people want to see, and you can bet few of the electorate cast their votes for.

The people of Eastern Ukraine have also voted, in a much bigger turn out than in the Kiev elections. I cannot see the present situation improving and Vladimir Putin, who has stood back throughout may have to intervene to protect the innocent civilians who have voted in a referendum to become part of the Russian Federation. This is what the US wants, military action everywhere except in the US. Unfortunately I made a big mistake yesterday and apologise to anyone I misled.

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