Friday, January 24, 2014

Platitudes and continual torture

I have written David Cameron an open letter published today in News Junkie Post about the continual incarceration of Shaker Aamer. Perhaps somebody might show Cameron the letter. In the past I have written directly to Downing Street but do not want to receive yet another of these

David Cameron and William Hague make noises as though they would like to see Shaker Aamer back in England reunited with his family, but they don’t really. Either that or the special relationship between the US and UK is so totally one-sided it is laughable. We went into an illegal war in support of US ambitions to steal natural resources in the Middle East. We have set up new anti-terrorism laws which militate against Muslims and have obviated a basic canon of English law: habeas corpus. We extradite UK citizens to a country currently with the worst human rights’ record on the planet. Yet we get nothing in return.

A fortnight ago, to mark the twelve years existence of that abominable wart on the face of the planet called Guantanamo Bay I went to a meeting in Birmingham at which was shown Guantanamo Boy, a disturbing documentary which follows the four-day interrogation of a young Canadian. Discussing the film was Moazzam Begg, a close friend of Shaker’s and a former internee of Guantanamo himself, and Dr David Nicolls, a medical doctor who has long opposed the Guantanamo concentration camp. No normal person would believe that in the 21st century man could be so cruel to his fellow man. Moazzam, an articulate young man, has recently had his passport withdrawn by the FCO. The Home Secretary believes a UK passport is a privilege.

Photo: Robert Brenchley

Theresa May has an obsession against Muslims, immigration and free movement, unless you are rich. She has used the anti-terrorism laws in her perpetual war against Islam to see good people imprisoned on flimsy or no evidence. She does not care. She brags about these successes as she sees them at the Tory party conference. She has no conscience. She has no children. Her surrogate child is hatred, mostly hatred against Muslims, but also against anyone who does not fit into her England for the English stereotype. You know what to do at the next election.

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