Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sweden realises its big mistake over Assange

The ratings of Prime Minister Reinfeldt of Sweden are abysmally low. He is advised by Karl Rove, the man who rigged the US election of warmonger George W. Bush. You may recall Bush actually lost but new computer technology introduced by Rove put a few hundred thousand votes into the Bush ballot box and the wrong man was elected. If the devious Rove cannot save Reinfeldt an interesting situation arises.

All the prosecution team in the Assange case belong to the same party. A new government, one not so partial to dollar diplomacy, might look at the case again, and in a totally different light. My News Junkie Post article published yesterday takes a look at changing opinion in Sweden. Former prosecution lawyer, Rolf Hillegren, is clear that Julian Assange has no case to answer

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