Friday, February 7, 2014

Get the protection you deserve

In this age of whistle-blowing this blog, as has been seen, is for it. With thanks to Edward Snowden, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Julian Assange, Craig Murray and all the other whistle-blowers who have helped try to make the planet a better, freer place. All this is in the face of governments, especially the USA, which puts the old Soviet bureaucratic information gathering in the shade. Uncle Sam has become the nosy grandparent who opens other people's mail because through US actions this once great nation has alienated itself. Nobody takes it seriously any more. Nobody writes to Uncle Sam any more. Nobody gets an answer. It has no life of its own with its incessant wars and bankrupt economy so it steals your life.

The US is disgusting thinking itself the policeman of the world. Its spying organisation, the NSA, is an unthinkable encroachment into the privacy of us all. Next Tuesday sees the rest of the world fighting back. If you believe in freedom, and you have a website, register it with this protest which already has nearly 4,500 websites on board.

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