Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stick up for the NHS

12 months ago this very day I was drinking copious amounts of water to replace blood loss from a triple heart bypass. What a wonderful thing the human body is and how well it recovers from trauma. I am not back to peak fitness yet but I'm getting there. As the warmer weather arrives I hope to be doing more and more cycling but mostly in recent months I've been jogging, and stopping when I get tired. It's not Usain Bolt but I can manage a hundred yards in about 20 seconds, which is not bad for a 67 year old.

What this post is about is our NHS. It is the best in the world. The BBC and other MSM outlets dish out the opprobrium whenever there is a problem with the NHS. So for the past few weeks we have been hearing about problems with Stafford General Hospital, and the media have dragged this story out ad nauseum. It only needs one blip at one hospital and they make it sound like the NHS overall is in terminal decline. That is what they want us to think so they can get private companies creaming off one of the success stories of the last century, one of the success stories of socialism.

Privatisation attracts doctors and nurses, whose first priority is how much they can earn. Then there are shareholders to pay all of which helps push up the cost of healthcare so that ordinary people who cannot afford insurance cannot afford to be ill. No services are ever better in private hands. You only have to look at Gas, Electricity and Water and the way year on year costs escalate to pay the greedy shareholders out of stagnant wages. Privatisation of the NHS is coming unless we all do something to oppose private healthcare when it replaces NHS services. Make sure they never take away a pillar of society once described as the 'best in the world'.

The NHS has never been safe in Tory hands, but since the Labour Party (New Labour) was turned into another rich person's party it is not safe in their hands either. Be proud of the NHS. It is there for all of us. Fight for it!

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