Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stamping on the pricks

This is an old boot. It replaces the graphic photograph of a woman who sought to bring down a man who has shown how corrupt governments can be.

Originally the photograph was of Anna Ardin, one of Julian Assange's accusers, breaking in a pair of shoes which had phallic heels, and thus spoke volumes about her character. Of course, as with the incriminating texts, she deleted this picture shortly after she posted it. Whether the decision to remove it was on the instruction of her legal team or her own initiative is not known. I made the decision to remove the copy made available to me because after due consideration and advice do not want to leave behind a permanent reminder of one moment of indiscretion.

However, she should never have tried to bring down Julian Assange. It is because of her actions that his life has been ruined. Perhaps she will reflect one day on the damage she has done in the pursuit of a little personal publicity. As she is already a hate-figure of her own creation there is nothing can be done to bring her character down further. Nothing she can do, nothing this blog can do.

Thanks to those who made the original reproduction possible (you know who you are).


  1. Yes, miffed at Julian’s rejection of her, she encouraged Sofia to approach the police with the absurd idea of seeking information about whether Julian could be forced to undergo an STD test. But that was enough to enable the Sweden to start this threadbare case against Julian, which one assumes was her intention.

    But the fact that it is ostensibly the Swedes that are after him has also protected him. Had the US sought his extradition, would he ever have been granted bail? Assange is actually safer confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London than he would be roaming around in Ecuador.

  2. Thanks for the comment Socialismo. I have been following this case closely. The truth is he would be better in Australia except for the fact that Bob Carr and others are so unbelievably the tools of US foreign policy, and no doubt have much to hide themselves, that they would unthinkably allow an Australian citizen to be handed over to a power that has one of the worst human rights records in recent years..

    1. Yes, he would be safe in Australia because the US would not abduct him from there, and his extradition would be impossible.

      Sweden waited four weeks before issuing an arrest warrant for him, and only issued it the day he left Sweden. He was not apprehended at the airport on his way to Berlin – he could have departed undetected through the open Schengen borders undetected. Assange was not fleeing; Sweden was making no serious attempt at that stage to detain him.

      Sweden may be a puppet of the US but it also has its own interests – getting Assange out of Sweden. Had Assange left Europe, as the Swedes hoped, he would either have made it to Australia, or been apprehended by the US en route. But Assange decided to come to London.

  3. Hopefully, if Assange gets elected to the Australian Senate, the UK will have to guarantee his diplomatic rights to take up his place there. How it will be engineered I am interested to know.