Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning

Some 2000 years ago a man was crucified who only did good throughout his life. Christians world-wide choose a Friday (different every year) to remember the suffering of Jesus, who was crucified; a very nasty, painful, torturous and lengthy death. Although innocent of any crime he was persecuted for the influence he had on others simply by teaching some basic truths. It was at a time when the Roman Empire occupied Judaea. Jerusalem had become a city of shame, where usurious money-changers were desecrating the temple with shady transactions that further impoverished the poor. Jesus overturned their tables banning them from the temple because they had transformed God's house into a 'den of thieves'. This act was brought to people's attention and gained Jesus many more followers but it was also brought to the attention of Jewish leaders: Scribes and Pharisees, who plotted secretly to have him slain.

As well as being popular for teaching honesty, integrity and non-violence it was a time when the Jewish nation was looking for a Messiah, whose coming was foretold by numerous old testament prophets. By large numbers of people Jesus was seen to be that Messiah, but the Jewish hierarchy saw his popularity and honesty and straight-talking as a threat, and they were looking for a military king to liberate them from the Roman yoke. The judiciary could find no wrong in Jesus. Nonetheless the Jewish leaders preferred to have a  murderer released than a good man. For an easy life Pontius Pilate, governor of the region, allowed the Jewish nation to crucify an innocent man.

Today there is a parallel in the way Jesus was treated to the way Julian Assange and Bradley Manning are being treated. That is not to say that Julian Assange or Bradley Manning is a new Messiah, though God knows the world could do with one. Assange is nevertheless seen as a threat to the Israeli-influenced US-empire, which occupies most of the world in one way or another. Like Jesus he tells the truth. He releases accurate information while the government prefers to brainwash the majority with lies and misinformation, at the same time as it denigrates people like Assange and Manning.

The money-lenders today are bankers. Again when banks are in difficulty because of the shady deals they have done in the past it is the poor taxpayer who picks up the bill. Bankers are rewarded with bonuses like those in the temple. The big money-lenders are the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and they are in control. They are worried by people like Assange, because, if the truth gets out about bad banking practices they will not have the same influence they have now and their house-of-cards money-empires are in danger of collapse. They are so worried about Assange and his influence that they have already stopped money transactions to Wikileaks. Can you see the parallel? What is more, a large number of people, like Professor Tom Flanagan, of Manitoba university, have called for the assassination of Julian Assange. Can you see the parallel? Today they do not just release a murderer like, Barabbas, but mass-murderers like Tony Blair, Jack Straw, George W. Bush and whole host of others who freely walk the globe and, even worse, are lauded as pillars of society.

2000 years ago a calendar was created which gave mankind a new chance. What has changed? I warn you, do not continue to follow the wrong leaders. They are damned by their own actions. Stand up for people like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. Anyone who opposes good people is part of the global imperialist plot. Anyone who supports bad people is part of that same imperialist plot. Do not be like Pontius Pilate, Professor Tom Flanagan, Tony Blair or George W. Bush calling for the death of anyone just to pursue their greedy aims. Do not be like the moneylenders: the Rothschilds and Rockefellers whose wicked practices filter through the whole banking system. Pick the people you support wisely.


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