Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drones - demonstrate before it's too late

On Saturday I marched with a good number of other people who believe that drones are despicable weapons and those who use them just as despicable. I learnt about the march against drones on Thursday. On Friday I sawed in half a pull-out bed and made a sturdy placard for what, after booking on the coach, I learnt would be a two-mile walk from Lincoln. It turned out to be three-and-a-half miles, above a mile uphill, and the bed, sorry placard, got heavier and heavier. There’s no gain without pain. But the time has come even for older people to get active. My placard read “DRONES – THE ULTIMATE IN COWARDICE" and I was reliably informed it is on the Demotix Waddington RAF photos so I am sharing it with you if you click on the link. I really do believe, as Jeremy Corbyn M.P. said from the platform, sitting in an air-conditioned office killing people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and other countries is disgusting. It is also the ultimate in cowardice. Unite against the horrors of the world. 

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