Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bilderberg Fringe and other things

I've been experiencing difficulties with computers and my mobile all together, all causing prolonged periods of wasted time trying to sort out the problems. Whether they are solved or not I need to wait and see to find out. Despite the difficulties I have managed to get myself onto the platform for the Bilderberg Fringe Festival. This is being staged at Watford and coinciding with the Bilderberg gathering of global murderers and banksters. It is the first time, as far as is known, that these 0.001% of the population who choose to try and dominate world opinion have come to the UK. In the past people like Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and people of that ilk have been in attendance, allegedly sacrificing children and worshipping the false idol, Moloch, a kind of 30ft statue of an owl.

As well as having the honour of appearing at the first ever UK Bilderberg Fringe Festival, at which I intend to recite The Devil's Coach Horse, I've been protesting again against drones, this time at a largely Israeli-owned factory that produces drone engines. Naturally I wrote about it for News Junkie Post.

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