Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What free press?

Yesterday I phoned the Independent news-desk and later sent them by email a copy of my last-but-one blog post regarding Julian Assange. I sent a copy to the independent Press Complaints Council. The email read:

"Further to our telephone conversation a few minutes ago I am embedding a
link to available information that shows there is another side to the
Julian Assange 'rape' case to that reported in the media. I should like
to see this addressed rather than listen to Joan Smith and Gavin Esler
shouting down Craig Murray on Newsnight for mentioning the name of Anna

A man's life is being toyed with in this dreadful vilification by all
and sundry without anyone giving helpful support. It is like ganging up
on Gandhi. The press should be ashamed.

John Goss"

There was no acknowledgment of receipt of this email either from the Indy or the PCC so I assume the press will continue as it has been doing in depriving the reading public of the real truth. It is therefore up to individual bloggers and good people to make sure this news is in the public domain.

Today I discovered the statement of Göran Rudling. It is amazing. It is probably the strongest proof of a police and political cover-up imaginable. Göran Rudling describes himself as a law reform activist. He is particularly interested in rape cases because his mother was raped by her step-father. As might be expected he is concerned that rapists are prosecuted. But he also believes in justice and realising there was something wrong in the prosecution case lodged his concerns.

He discovered Anna Ardin’s tweet deletions showing how much she was enjoying being in Assange's company the day after the alleged rape, and also her 7 step revenge blog on men who dump their women, which Ardin also tried to delete. From his statement it appears that he persistently sent information to the Swedish police that they have been unable to locate. He is a very credible and reliable witness which shows this case to have been flawed from the start, with clear political objectives. The UK media is disgusting in not presenting this to the public who are still being misled into believing that Julian Assange has a case of rape to answer. What has happened to my country?

Göran Rudling's statement is in the form of a .pdf file at the foot of this link.


  1. Thankyou for the Rudling link,John, which led me to a whole cache of Rudling's analysis. For some reason, the absence of DNA evidence reminds me of fingerprint evidence at Harrowdown Hill.

  2. You've got it Felix. We never learn the truth because it would be detrimental to those who do not want us to know. Rudling's analysis is spot on. Wish I could say the same about the way the media has handled the Assange affair. After all Assange is pretty much one of them. He's given them more news stories than they can have dreamed of; and they stabbed him in the back in his hour of need.