Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enticement - politicising art.

For some years I used to write poetry and plays, to little acclaim I might add, but they were not crap. Who reads poetry these days? And who goes to the theatre? These pastimes belong largely to audiences of past times. Immediate gratification is the order of the day, today. The length of plays and poems have got shorter to cater for the quick fix of a quick-fix society.

Minimalism has been in vogue for two to three decades, again to cater for the quick fix. It is not easy to encapsulate succinctly a political message in the form of art. Some successful adverts do it. In fact sometimes the adverts with which drama is apostrophised are superior to the drama. If you cannot beat them join them.

I broke into short film-making a month ago when I quickly put together a cartoon concerned with lack of a proper inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly, whose death instead was inquired into by Lord Hutton, instead of following proper procedures. Such things concern me.

Likewise with the entrapment of Julian Assange. He was set up in Sweden and the intention was to take him off the scene for embarrassing the United States, UK and many other countries with his Wikileaks disclosures. This is my second video about how a Swedish police interrogator, Irmeli Krans, and her friend, Anna Ardin, falsified details to try and get Julian Assange extradited to the US, Sweden's new great NATO friend. Please click on the link below, and watch and distribute this Youtube video. Thanks.


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