Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where does Adam Werritty really fit in?

On Monday I mentioned Atlantic Bridge, a pseudo educational charity set up to fund, among other things, Werritty's trips with the Minister of Defence, Liam Fox, trips he should not have actually been on since he had not been vetted by Whitehall. Atlantic Bridge, whose honorary president was Margaret Thatcher, was financed by Jewish businessmen until it was closed down by the Charity Commission. Today Craig Murray has once again broken a piece of news the type of which very rarely gets seen in the newspapers or on television. Quite rightly he asks where people get their news, because in this day and age they are not getting the whole news. Himself a former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray has repeatedly and determinedly questioned the goings on of ministers and ambassadors and in particular the relationship between Matthew Gould the British (Jewish) ambassador to Israel. The interests an ambassador should be pursuing are those of the country he represents, but increasingly it seems that Matthew Gould's main interest lies in his support for Israel's stance on waging war in Iran, a country in which Gould formerly worked as Deputy Head of the Division in Tehran at the British Embassy.

This latest revelation regards requested information under a freedom of information request to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. His request was responded to but the documents requested were only commented upon, and copies were not actually sent to the former ambassador. It is clear from Craig Murray's persistence that Gould and Werrity have met together with David Miilband, and also with William Hague, in Gould's former roles as speechwriter and private secretary. Murray raises the question of the role of Werritty at these meetings, since none of them was minuted, and Secretaries of State are also heads of MI6. He speculates, quite rightly, as to whether Werritty was acting in liason with other secret services like MOSSAD.


  1. Werrity is just Liam Fox's ag carrier - if it could have been demonstrated that he was something other than his master's creature then Fox would still be here. You forget that when the Tories came to power they were seeking to reduce the number of SPADs and the civil service were looking to tighten up the controls on those that were appointed - given this Fox just privatised his bag carrier.

    Why are you in a position to say that Murray is correct in his speculation. I think you forget that a recently retired leader of MOSSAD cam out against a war against Iran while the whole thrust of Murray's thinking is that Werrity, Gould et al were looking for just such a war. Another supposition would be that everyone was trying to calm down Fox and stop him being so gung ho about war against Iran in what is a very delicate situation.

  2. @tory boys never grow up. Thanks for your comment. That one MOSSAD retired leader has spoken out against the proposed war with Iran does not exonerate MOSSAD who still have Mordechai Vanunu under house arrest, even though he has served an 18 years prison sentence for telling the truth. Craig Murray, and anyone else, is correct to speculate about any issue to which we don't have answers. There is a piece of news about Werritty's involvement with Gould, Fox, Milliband et al just about to be broken by Murray - since we don't get this news from other quarters. Perhaps I can make a fuller response after that has been posted.