Friday, February 17, 2012

Hospital computers

Hospedia supplies computers to this hospital and most of the hospitals in the West Midlands. I've had one of their systems' personnel out twice and even she could not get the touch screen to function properly. If an advert appears there is no way to close it down which means you have to return to the main menu and start again, losing anything that might be open. When I get out I intend to complain about the poor system. It is most annoying because the service is not cheap.

Another of the system's shortcomings is a message box which pops up pretending you have a genuine message, or messages. This is just another way of locking the screen because if you go into it you cannot get out and any tabs you may have open are lost forever, including any work.

So I'm reduced to using my phone, the touch-screen of which is much better, though not perfect. This means I'm going to be largely incommunicado for however long it takes before the operation.

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