Saturday, August 23, 2014

The racist, Andrew Moskowitz, should be sacked and prosecuted

Can you pronounce the name Moskowitz? It is most likely of Polish (or Yugoslavian) descent and would have been spelt Moskowicz originally but changed because the 'cz' ending would be pronounced 'tz' in Polish. However, if you are unfamiliar with Polish you are likely to pronounce the 'w' as we do in English, but in Polish it would be pronounced as a 'v', and the correct pronunciation of his surname would therefore be Moskovitz.

While this would not be of any real significance in the great scale of things Andrew Moskowitz thinks that employers should be spared the difficulty of grappling with what he considers to be unpronouncable names. So he does not give people with African-sounding names like Tamisha, for example, a job. His employer at the time he divulged this information was apparently The Cotton Warehouse which may well still be his employer, though no self-respecting company would employ a white supremacist, well not outside of Georgia anyway. Mr Moskowitz posted this racist comment on his Facebook page but he has since removed it.

He is a thorough out and out racist. His hatred extends to Muslims too as can be witnessed from his current Facebook page which contains the following comment regarding the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden it is presumed.

After sympathising with the victims of 9/11 he wrote "Justice is done.  But remember, there is much work to be done still.  While we rejoice, they are plotting and planning.  We MUST remain vigilant and ready to defend and protect.  This is no time for complacency.  Stand fast in our resolve to defeat our enemy."

It is a clear demonstration of how western media have created an enemy in people's minds that did not previously exist. It is easy to spread this kind of bigotry in the southern states where slavery and black exploitation went on for centuries. This part of the USA is still a hotbed for Ku Klux Klan clandestine activity and has a communal mentality of institutionalised racism that is proving hard to eradicate. What a sad world we live in thanks to people like Andrew Moskowitz!

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