Thursday, March 13, 2014

What they are not telling you

My latest article concentrates on what the mainstream media is not telling us about Ukraine. It began a few weeks back with a leak featuring Victoria Nuland who had declared the US hand by backing the fascist government that has taken over in Kiev. In a recording on which the press concentrated on Nuland's choice phrase "Fuck the EU" but missed out on a lot more important debate about what was proposed in another leaked call. That, and more, is covered in this video which I came across this morning from Storm Clouds Gathering. It shows that the US think Klitschko is too stupid to have a deputy prime-minister role, while the Svoboda fascist, anti-semitic and xenophobic godfather, Oleh Tyannybok, has also got to keep a low profile according to Nuland, the voice of America, whereas Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whose charity pages are no longer available on the web, can be the front man of the new fascist Ukraine. The analysis is spot on.

People have got to start asking themselves why they have not seen any of this on mainstream television or in the press. The truth is the media, including the press, are owned by Neocon/Zionists who have an agenda. You may think you are getting balanced news but you're not. If you care for future generations and planet earth the time has come to wake up and take action. Spread the word.

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