Friday, September 13, 2013

Vladimir Putin, George Galloway, John Pilger cannot all be wrong

Some serious thinkers are questioning what the US sees as its inalienable right to dictate world foreign policy. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, raises some fundamental questions by speculating among other pronouncements that the United Nations could go the same way as the League of Nations, and diplomatically challenges Obama to be less belligerent in his words and actions. John Pilger in Tuesday's Guardian believes the Pentagon dictates what happens in the White House due to the weakness of Obama. Talking to Abby Martin George Galloway warns of the dangers of further military involvement in the Middle East and the long-term dangers of supporting al Qaeda in Syria.

Meanwhile my latest article for News Junkie Post offers a chance for everyone to do his or her bit in preventing war. We showed in the UK that people have power. People have power all over the world. Follow the UK example.And please share the article.

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