Friday, July 5, 2013

Edward Snowden and the interception of communications

Edward Snowden has revealed what most people know, what Bob Cryer fought over up to his untimely death in 1994 in a car-crash. Telecommunications' interceptions have been going on for decades. Surprisingly to my mind this Epetion has been published. At first I thought it might have been published by mistake. Despite the spelling error on Edward Snowden's name, which cannot be changed, it should be endorsed by every UK citizen who believes that our freedoms are being eroded and we can no longer talk to one another, over the phone, via email, through chat-lines, over social networking sites and other ways we communicate without someone monitoring it.

Are you a UK resident? Please sign and spread if you really believe in freedom. Thanks.


  1. Hi John,
    Thought you might like to know that when I first clicked on your link it came up with one of those internet safety certificates warning me not to proceed!!! I tried different ways of getting on the site and then just proceeded anyway.
    Went through the process, signed, clicked link in email etc. The number didn't go up from 22 to 23. It has now though, a few minutes later, but I suppose that could be someone else.
    Maybe I'm just paranoid :-)
    Sue Dollimore

  2. Sue

    Thanks for your comment. Of course you're not being paranoid. There are petitions the authorities do not want to succeed. They use all measures to prevent success. In fact I might raise an FOI request to see what safeguards are in place to ensure everyone who signs gets their signatures recorded. I shall never forget that Karl Rove was behind installation of electronic-voting software which was capable of manipulating votes to ensure George W Bush was elected even though he lost. They will use any trick in the book.


  3. Sue, I'm wondering if they are stopping this from appearing, and disabling it like they did when you tried to sign. For half a month the total has not changed from 37. They have their means. How can I find out? Any ideas from anybody would be welcome.