Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Decadent golf and decadent government

Today for the first time in almost twenty years I went for a round of golf at Cocks Moor Woods golf course. This golf course has happy memories for me, since it is the only course where I have ever holed in one (on the tenth). I was rubbish. I only got two pars in eighteen holes. My best ever score in a round of golf was 81 but that was a long time ago. My golf has gone downhill but the exercise was good.

Governments have also gone downhill as my latest article for NJP demonstrates.

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  1. UPDATE: In December 2015 I joined Cocks Moors Woods as a senior (called Roosters). I do not discuss politics, and very few others do either. We are all out for exercise and a desire to beat the course. There are times when I hold my tongue.
    I am really impressed by the quality of golf from a good number of men older than myself. You need to be sixty to join. On the cards that determined my handicap I played atrociously. I ended up with the unbearable handicap of 28 (this is the highest handicap). Through winning a few medals it is now reduced to 26. Mostly I play to it.