Thursday, October 11, 2012

Film-maker extraordinaire

Satire has been thrown to the wolves. They tore it to pieces and spat it out in cub-size chunks. Now nobody knows the difference between satire and reality. Today I finished the third of my short cartoons on how Julian Assange was framed. To me the three of them seem so real. There is a kind of sinister humour lurking in the truth of them.

The first is unreal in that the conversation probably took place by telephone rather than face to face. And if XtraNormal catered for a telephone conversation in the version I have that is probably the way I would have proceeded. Anna Ardin was the person who invited Julian Assange to stay at her flat when he went to Sweden. Several days after she claimed sexual  allegations took place, allegations which were illegally leaked to the Swedish press, she accused Julian Assange of rape. This was even though he stayed with her for days after the allegations. In fact the next day after she claimed these outrageous events took place she threw a crayfish party for Assange and friends. After going to the police station with Sofia, and before making a statement herself, she went home and deleted tweets about how she was enjoying the company. She also deleted a paper she wrote on how to get legal revenge on men who dump women. This seems to be based on advice she got at the police station, since she deleted them immediately after her first visit, then made her statement the next day. This is the content of the first cartoon.

The second cartoon covers Anna's friendship with the police interrogator Irmeli Krans and the problem Anna caused by bringing into the police station a torn condom she claimed Assange used when they had consensual sex. It was taken to the police laboratory but neither male nor female DNA could be found on it. That is the substance of the second cartoon.

The final episode (to date) is my idea of why Claes Borgstrom and Marianne Ny are pursuing a witch-hunt against Julian Assange, making a stab at the reason why they do not want to interview Assange in the UK. Marianne Ny has gone on record as saying that she would still pursue a prosecution even if she knew she was in the wrong. Claes Borgstrom is pursuing a case of rape against Assange even though he knows the Kashmir girl (Sofia) says she was not raped. He has virtually said that Sofia does not know whether she was raped or not. The third cartoon.

Finally, although this information has been available for two years it has been kept out of the UK media. The names of people like Irmeli Krans, Anna Ardin and Sofia W. have long been in the public domain but the UK media are banned from mentioning these people by name. But the news you get is not the real news, which is why so many people are turning to the Internet to find out what is going on, while politicians keep us in the dark to wage their disgusting wars that good journalists, and the Wikileaks founder and editor in chief, Julian Assange, tell the truth about.

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