Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rural and poverty-trapped Romanians

A picture is circulating on Facebook comparing the needs and requirements of the latest generation of city and town-dwellers in Romania to the needs of a Romanian peasant-woman. It contains a request to distribute the photograph which is the purpose of this short post. A rough translation is that the latest generation cries if a telephone cannot be afforded, whereas the old lady cries because she does not have enough money to buy a loaf of bread. I have already blogged on changes in Romanian society since the west created an environment to execute the Ceausescus. And yes, in the towns and cities, many people are much wealthier than they were. Not everybody is so lucky. In the villages, where everybody had employment under Nikolai Ceausescu, poverty is now rife.

The old lady in the photograph most likely does not have the skills necessary to find employment in the cities. This is the domain of younger people. It shows, I think, the downside that capitalism and greed bring to the poor. We are all guilty in this unequal distribution and there is a similar disparity between developed countries and less developed countries, and also between bankers, who plunder a nation's wealth, and those who create it.

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