Friday, July 6, 2012

Puffballs on the hill

On Wednesday 4th July I drove up to Menwith Hill telecommunications’ interception site near Harrogate. It was to take part in a demonstration in favour of Independence from America. The site and what it does is masked in secrecy. What it is known it can do is intercept millions of telephones, emails and other electronic communications at any given time. There is reliable information to show that it also directs communications and provides support for the drones that kill and maim innocents in various parts of the world (usually the Muslim and oil-rich world) ever since Labour defence minister, Des Brown, granted permission without parliamentary debate, to upgrade the listening station to a missile control station. There has never been a debate in parliament for the existence of this US base since it was set up and rented out in the early 1950s to spy on the Russians.

The listening/missile control station shares the grounds on which it stands, a beautiful National Park of Yorkshire, with an RAF station. One breakthrough of this year’s Independence from America saw Squadron Leader Patrick Curry, the RAF Liaison Officer to NSA/USAF at Menwith Hill presented with an Independence from America charter drawn up by CAAB (Campaign for the Abolition of American Bases). I briefly got to speak to Patrick Curry, a genial man who had a friendly air about him as he met protestors, but then that is one of the functions of a liaison officer in any profession. When I mentioned that like most other people in this country I object to my electronic communications being intercepted by my own country, let alone the United States, he seemed to think there was more chance of the Murdochs tapping my phone than anyone at Menwith Hill. This flies in the face of everything that is known about the interception station.

Squadron Leader Patrick Curry is presented with the Independence from America charter

Everybody in this beloved country of mine should be concerned about this monstrosity, with its giant puffballs marring the countryside, with its capacity to gather information about individuals, including royalty and politicians, as well as an intent to cause untold misery abroad. Not far from the station stand a number of wind-turbines. I am not opposed to alternative technology. Driving home we spotted a significant police presence by the wind-turbines. These are the only wind turbines guarded by police that I have ever seen but the reason the police were there was to keep a low profile for the demonstration. However it occurs to me that one purpose for the windfarm's close proximity to the base is to provide electricity in the event of a national grid malfunction.

I have special reason to want to see Menwith Hill base closed. When I was a callow apprentice one of my tutors at Blackburn Technical College was Bob Cryer, then teaching General Studies, who later became M.P. for Keighley. He was the only M.P. to my knowledge to raise questions in the House of Commons as to why we have an American Base gathering information on British citizens. His death in a car accident took place while he was raising questions about the existence of the US base. This makes me highly suspicious, and more so recently, with false flag information emerging about 9/11.

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