Thursday, May 31, 2012

Student journalism - is it what it used to be?

Glen Moutrie is editor of the student newspaper, Redbrick, the student newspaper for the University of Birmingham which is alma mater for my first and masters degrees. In my undergraduate days I used to write for Redbrick. That was when Damien Quinn was editor. I have emailed Glen Moutrie 3 times, the first containing an article which outlines my reasons for calling for the resignation of Dominic Grieve. Grieve has prohibited an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly. I believe certain sectors of the student fraternity would sign up for Grieve's resignation if they knew about the epetition.

Moutrie was presented with a Guardian award for student journalism last year, so I cannot understand why he failed to get back to me regarding, if I dare write it, the well-argued article I sent him. Either the powers-that-be have diverted these emails to his trash bin without him seeing them (which would not surprise me) or he is rude, which is not what I would like to think. I seek answers.

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