Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Jews are doomed to wander

Let's get one thing clear: there has never really been a state of Israel, not the kind the Zionists want. Zionists want a state that governs the world from Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a holy city, and a holy city to more than one faith. Throughout history Jewish people have been persecuted because of this unachievable goal which materialises itself today in what they call a New World Order.

It involves others, neo-cons in the UK like Liam Fox, William Hague, George Osborne, Michael Gove and Lord Astor who set up a supposed educational charity Atlantic Bridge. I include Lord Astor because he is the prime minister's father-in-law, and it would not be fair to leave David Cameron totally adrift of his cronies when the life-jackets go on. The puppeteers behind these neo-co
ns are almost certainly Zionist, and certainly Jewish, and include people like Poju Zabludowicz, a funder of the Jewish lobby group Bicom, Mick Davis the top man at Xstrata, and Michael Lewis of Oceana Investments. The combined wealth of these three is incalculable and changing from day to day. These were the funders behind Werritty's trips abroad alongside his friend, our Defence Minister, Liam Fox. But for Fox's forced resignation, and believe me Defence Ministers do not go easily, we might already be at war with Iran. Have you noticed that the US and UK no longer let the electorate know when they are going to war? That is the lesson they learnt from the mass demonstration I was proud to attend in Hyde Park in February 2003. The lesson they should have learnt is that their electorate do not want them to go to war on any flimsy pretext, and in my case on any pretext whatsoever.

But war is what is on the agenda with Iran, and it appears to be imminent. Much of the real news today no longer comes via mainstream news outlets, instead there are dedicated bloggers, some of them professors whose consciences will not allow them to remain quiet any longer. Let me direct you to a very reasonable professor of religion, Ira Chernus, in today's Huff Post, a must-read internet newspaper. As Professor Chernus reasons, the New York Times Magazine subtitles its article 'Israel v Iran' with a definite "when" rather than a speculative "if" Israel goes to war with Iran. The agenda is already there. Israel, with its huge arsenal of nuclear weapons, has signed a non-proliferation treaty to try to ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, but it will happen. The genie is already out of the bottle. Pandora's box is open.

Nobody believes western lies about whether a country has this or that, or how important it is to world peace, nobody except those who still slavishly follow their masters, Tony Blair et al, and those who never read Animal Farm. Governments, too, do what their Zionist puppeteers tell them to do, whether it has any ground in morality or not. But the battle for peace is already lost. They will do what they will. They will have their war. Eventually, when their depleted weapons stocks are thoroughly depleted, when the world banking system collapses, and none of the rich countries, like China and Russia, will lend them money to buy more weapons, poor Jews will be wandering around again looking for a crust of bread. The poor Jews will get the blame for their Zionist leaders' mistakes and there will be pogroms, and hatred, and some Steven Spielberg of the future will get us all reaching for our handkerchiefs over the way Jewish people have been mistreated and persecuted. It is not Jewish people themselves who are to blame, but their Zionist masters, making it a pity they did not recognise the leader they had been waiting for for 500 years; or we might all be at peace. But we are not, and that
is why Jews are doomed to wander. Zionists look on themselves as a chosen elite, better than the rest of us, with their false god, money.


  1. Wow, that's some scary stuff eh, it does seem their false God is money : ( Pray for them friend, pray

  2. Interesting read, John: I amy be wrong, but I tend to agree that peace will only reign when we all submit to the rule of the Prince of Peace, and that is my prayer.

  3. "making it a pity they did not recognise the leader they had been waiting for for 500 years"

    Which is of course the line that many leaders in German churches (both Catholic and Protestant) took in order to allow them to turn a not so blind eye to the Holocaust. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

  4. @tbngu, I've never turned a blind eye to the holocaust. Jewish history is full of war, and oppression against Jews. The churches also have a lot to answer for, including the Church of England and Catholic churches. I am not ashamed of myself because I am not writing about the situation in Germany in the 1930s and during the Second World War. There are a lot of good Jewish leaders, Rabbi Weiss, for example, and other anti-Zionists. and concerned groups like Jewish Voice for Peace who are likely to be lumped together with other Jews as though they were Zionists. One purpose of the above post is to point the finger at Zionists as the leaders bringing good Jews into disrepute.

  5. I suspect even those you view as good Jewish leaders because of anti-zionism will believe that they failed to recognise the leader they had been waiting for. That particular comment was an attack on Jewish faith rather than on Zionism, which as you more correctly have stated can be distinguished from that faith.

  6. @tbngu, the Jewish prophets foretold of a coming messiah. Either he came or he did not come. If he came, who was he? If he did not come, the prophets were wrong. You have probably surmised that my own belief is Christian, and Jesus taught peace. Many other Jewish teachers also teach peace. My own views cannot be antisemitic because Jesus was Jewish. It is not for me to speculate on what other people of any faith may or may not believe. Each of us is answerable to his or her own conscience. But let's hope and pray that some things do not come to pass. I concede it was a contentious post.